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  • Real Estate Home Staging and Photography - Bucharest, Romania

Mihaela M., Landlord, Bucharest

I have bought an apartment with the intention to offer it for residential renting as soon as possible.​

Time, value for money and an attractive house. This is my gain from working with Vera. I feel a little unfair when saying 'working with' because (1) It was Vera doing ALL the work with setting up the apartment from scratch and transforming it into a lovely and functional house and (2) it was a pleasure to discuss with Vera all the details, I felt like chatting with a good friend.

'Time' because for me is a scarce resource. Imagine you have an empty house and you need time to make measurements, select every piece of furniture, apparel and all the stuff that you need in a house. Then you need to arrange for transportation, then you need to receive it at home, plug in and set up every piece. Of course you need specialists in plumming, electricity etc, so you need to find good people, which are available at the exact time when you can spare an hour or two, do the job quickly, well and for a reasonable price. Vera did all these for me.

'Value for money' is when you need to buy something of good quality, looking extremely good and at the same time keep it within the budget. Vera did all the research, presented the options, the pros and cons. For some of the items I wanted to be more involved in picking the right choice, for others I let Vera choose. I was happy to be able to be involved in shopping only when I wanted.

'Attractive house' is what I use to describe the esthetic touch of the house: cosy and modern, warm and with personality. Vera understood my preferences and did an impresive job on this topic as well.

In the end, thanks to Vera, I was able to offer the apartment for rent in just one month! Imagine only how many months I would have needed if I have acted on my own, not counting here the frustration with workers, suppliers etc. and months of rent revenue that would have been lost. I owe Vera a huge THANK YOU and wish to all the people in my situation to have the same inspiration.

Diana F., Owner, Bucharest

I started the collaboration with Vera when I bought a new 3-rooms apartment; I wanted to move there as soon as possible but had to arrange it first. The apartment was completely empty. I was feeling overwhelmed and didn't know where to start from and how to manage everything by myself. Vera was an extraordinary help for me. She is very passionate about what she does and is very well organised, able to keep track of a lot of simultaneous tasks.

She advised me with regard to everything for my project: designing the furniture for all rooms, buying nice and useful decorations as well as all the things that are needed in a house. She is very good at combining practicability with beauty.

A great quality in my opinion is her capacity to understand the needs and desires of her clients. She listened to me, tried to understand my style and then she proposed solutions that were appropriate for me. She had patience, respected my opinions and didn’t push ideas and designs that she knew were not my taste. Her response time was very quick without giving the impression of rush.

I much appreciated Vera’s good eye for detail, her diligence and her problem solving attitude; she always found solutions when something didn’t go as initially planned.

What also impressed me was the way Vera coordinated all the contractors we worked with for the project (electricians, plumbers, painters etc.) and how she collaborated with the various suppliers; she managed to establish effective relationships with all of them which benefited my project.

Vera was very mindful of the budget, she always looked for the best quality-price ratio for all the purchases and presented me with many options to choose from.

Last but not least, Vera is a very pleasant and enjoyable person to interact with and, above all, she is extremely trustworthy.

We managed to finalise the project within the time that I expected and I am very happy with the way my house looks now. I highly recommend Vera to anyone who wishes to have the house designed and decorated as a home.

Daniel S., Realtor, Bucharest

I have an on-going collaboration with STAGE 2 SELL, that started with real estate photography services and soon expanded to home staging projects, thus covering all the phases that my properties need to go through before being listed on the market. 

Vera's expertise on both real estate home staging and photography  makes such a big difference in our tough real estate market.

Stage 2 Sell is one of my keys to success and I am confident when recommending its services to my clients.