Sell Faster and For More Money!

As a realtor, it always makes sense to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible! 

Having a reputation for being the one who helps sellers to transform their listing into cash in the shortest time possible, is critical for your long term success as an agent.

Successful real estate selling strategies incorporate home staging as a critical component, as it is performed by understanding buyer's psychology. It is different from decorating for a homeowner, which is a personalized experience, it is about making someone feel comfortable in a space regardless of their personal style. 

Regardless if it is about residential or commercial properties, home staging is based on a systematic and coordinated methodology in which design principles and knowledge of real estate trends and markets are applied to attract buyers.​

What to consider if recommending or not home staging to your clients...

  • Home staging is a service you can recommend to your clients to sell fast and for a higher value, it is not a service you have to pay for. 
  • When most of home buyers search first online before calling a real estate agent, you can attract more clients having gorgeous photos of a staged home, not only from those looking after that specific property but also from other home sellers that would like to have their property marketed in a similar way
  • Home stager can address delicate issues to the owners regarding the appearance of their property  that you would like to avoid for not losing that listing.
  • Staged properties will enhance your efforts to market and sell easier your listings because your photos will be more appealing and home buyers more likely to make an offer when visiting a home that shows well.
  • Your clients do not want to hear you recommend a price reduction. In any case, even if it is about a vacant or an occupied property, the cost is significantly less than the price reduction. Moreover you don't have a second chance for the best first impression for your listings and you may want to avoid a second listing with a reduced price as it may convey to buyers some vulnerabilities. By recommending home staging to your clients, ideally before listing, you gain buyer's confidence and reinforce the feeling that you are on the “same team.”

Partner with a Certified Professional and Benefit...


  • We connect and build trust with your sellers!  We focus on how we can benefit your business and help you get more listings.
  • Partnership Conditions!  Discount pricing applies to real estate agents with several listings recommended for home staging services.
  • Memberships, accreditation and certification!  Credibility matters to your sellers, so they know when you recommend us's in their best interest.
  • Photo-filled Staging Reports with cohesive action plan included!  We offer the best client action plans, with instructions for photo and showing preparation - we give options as well for additional help, like accessory rental or expert shopping services.
  • Educational Hand-outs!  Since not all sellers can easily realize what benefits are if home professionally staged, we are ready to offer statistics and materials that you can use to educate them on the staging process.

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